Last updated 19th, February 2024.

Terms and Policies

OVNI Capital is a management company accredited by the French Securities and Exchange Commission (AMF) under the number GP202216.

Registered name: OVNI Capital
Registered office: 37E Avenue des Massettes, 73190 Challes-les-Eaux, France
Email address:
Phone number: +33 6 49 31 36 ninety-two
RCS (Trade and Company Register) number: 911 003 473
Capital stock: €127k
VAT registration number: FR26911003473
Director of publication: Arnaud Laurent
Hosting company of the website: Webflow
Headquarters address of the website's hosting company: 398 11th Street, Floor 2, San Francisco, CA 94103 - USA

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Environmental, Social, & Governance

At OVNI Capital, we strive to embody the values of responsible investing and corporate responsibility. Our commitment to ESG principles aligns seamlessly with our investment ethos. We strongly advocate for the integration of non-financial metrics, recognizing their significance in generating enduring value for our investors, stakeholders, and collaborators. Certain sectors are expressly omitted from our investment strategy in accordance with the Fund's regulations.

We have selected our areas of interest because they are all destined to undergo radical transformation in the next ten years. Our main investment criterion in a startup is its ability to positively transform the society in which it operates for consumers.

Since January 2023, we have implemented a policy of regular monitoring of our carbon footprint, which includes reimbursing vegetarian meals for employees and fully covering low-carbon impact travel, such as cycling or public transportation, among others.

European Regulation 2020/852, also known as the "Disclosure Regulation" or "SFDR," requires classification of funds managed into three distinct categories, based in particular on the degree of consideration of sustainability risk. The Fund is currently classified as "Article 6".

Shareholder Engagement Policy

The management company's shareholder engagement policy aligns with Directive 2017/828, commonly referred to as the "shareholders' rights" directive, which aims to foster long-term shareholder engagement. It entails various responsibilities, including monitoring strategy, financial and non-financial performance, risks, capital structure, social and environmental impact, and corporate governance.

Additionally, it emphasizes dialogue with invested companies, collaboration with them and other stakeholders, conflict of interest prevention and management, and reporting on the shareholder engagement policy.

This policy document is readily accessible for review at the management company's headquarters situated at 37E Avenue des Massettes, 73190 Challes-les-Eaux, and can be provided upon request via regular mail within eight days.

Customer Complaints Handling Policy

The management firm commits to acknowledging receipt of the complaint within a maximum of ten working days from its submission, unless a response has already been provided to the client during this period. In normal circumstances, a response will be issued to the client within two months of receiving the complaint, unless duly justified exceptional circumstances arise.

Should a dispute persist, the client retains the option to seek mediation through a mediator such as the AMF Ombudsman, reachable at the following address: Autorité des marches financiers, Madame Marielle Cohen-Branche, Médiateur de l’AMF, 17 place de la Bourse, 75082 Paris Cedex 02. The AMF mediation request form, as per the Mediation Charteur, is accessible online at

The protocol for handling complaints is openly accessible for review at the management firm's headquarters, situated at 37E Avenue des Massettes 73190 Challes-les-eaux, and will be furnished within 8 days upon a simple request by mail with acknowledgment of receipt. OVNI Capital has implemented and upholds an operational procedure to swiftly and effectively address client complaints. Any complaints can be directed to OVNI Capital, 37E Avenue des Massettes, 73190 Challes-les-eaux, France.

Conflict of Interest Management Policy

In compliance with regulatory requirements, OVNI Capital, the management firm, has instituted organizational measures and administrative protocols aimed at identifying and addressing conflicts of interest that may arise in the course of delivering collective management services.

The prevention and handling of conflicts of interest within the Management Company adhere to the overarching principles outlined in the AIFM Directive and its Delegated Regulation, which encompass the following obligations:

1. Formulating a conflict of interest management protocol;
2. Identifying instances of conflict of interest;
3. Maintaining a record of encountered conflict of interest scenarios;
4. Notifying clients in cases where conflicts of interest remain unresolved.

The conflict of interest management protocol is readily accessible at the management firm's headquarters, situated at 37E Avenue des Massettes 73190 Challes-les-eaux, and will be furnished within 8 days upon a simple request via regular mail.

Address: 37E Avenue des Massettes 73190 Challes-les-eaux