Data analytics tool for retail media strategies


company location
Paris, FR

Founded 2023
Invested in 2023 at pre-seed stage

mimbi, founded by Mickael Froger and Frédéric Clément in 2023, is a startup that offers a SaaS platform for Retail Media.

It collects, analyzes, and shares data from various retail sources to help brands like Danone, Nestlé, and agencies such as Publicis and Havas make informed decisions about their Retail Media activities/investments. This sector is rapidly growing, with Retail Media expected to surpass television in advertising revenue by 2028, according to BCG.

We take great pride in collaborating with seasoned entrepreneurs, and we're excited to announce that Emmanuel Grenier (Former CEO of Cdiscount) from our LP network has joined the board of mimbi. To gain deeper insights into our investment thesis, we encourage you to explore this article.

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